Daegwallyeong Nunmaeul Hwangtae

Daegwallyeong Nunmaeul Hwangtae produces and sells delicious pollack, dried and cleaned in Daegwallyeong, known for its pristine nature.

  • 2011

    September 2011 Established a corporate agricultural partnership
    Registered as food sales business
    November 2011 Registered patent for rain-blocking pollack drying system
    December 2011 Subscribed to product liability insurance

  • 2012

    January 2012 Launched online sales in CUMall
    February 2012 Registered as mail order business
    Registered as food manufacturing and processing business
    March 2012 Launched website (www.d-hwangtae.com) and online sales in Gmarket and 11Street
    April 2012 Signed agreement to supply dried shredded pollack for CJ Sandrae
    July 2012 Registered patent and trademark for Daegwallyeong Nunmaeul Hwangtae

  • 2013

    cember 2013 Designated as Yonsei University Wonju Campus’ business partner (called “family company”)

  • 2014

    January 2014 Designated as outstanding local specialty of Gangwon by Yonsei University
    Designated as outstanding local seafood product by Gangwon Province
    February 2014 Introduced distribution standard code (barcode) of Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    April 2014 Completed factory registration
    Products stocked in Gangwon Mart
    June 2014 Signed sales and delivery agreement with Ministry of National Defense Welfare Agency
    October 2014 Participated in Gangwon Food Expo

  • 2015

    April 2015 Participated in Seoul Seafood Show
    May 2015 Participated in SIAL China
    June 2015 Signed product delivery agreement with Daegwallyeong branch of National Credit Union Federation of Korea

  • 2016

    January 2016 Signed sales and delivery agreement with Cookie Shopping
    Participated in COEX Festive Gift Fair
    April 2016 Participated in International Food Industry Show
    Participated in event at Shinsegae Dogok Superstar
    June 2016 Participated in Jinan Korean Commodity Fair
    Participated in Seoul Food 2016
    Participated in COEX Food Service Fair
    August 2016 Signed product delivery agreement with Neurx

  • 2017

    March 2017 Participated in Tokyo Expo
    August 2017 Participated in China Foodtech 2017 in Beijing
    September 2017 Opened booth at LA and NY Korean Festivals
    October 2017 Participated in the 122nd China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou, China

  • 2018

    January 2018 Participated in Lunar New Year Festive Gift Fair 2018
    May 2018 Participated in the 123rd China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou, China
    June 2018 Participated in Japan Agricultural Food Export Consultation
    Participated in Korea Retail Show in Hong Kong AEON 2018
    Participation in Busan International Food Expo 2018 confirmed
    Participated in Season 1 of Megashow 2018
    July 2018–Present Participating in Seoul HMR Fair
    August 24–27 Participation in Guangzhou Export Consultation 2018 confirmed
    September 13–17, 2018 Participation in GTI International Trade & Investment EXPO confirmed
    October 4–7, 2018 Participation in LA Korean Festival confirmed