Quality products made only with pollack from the Bering Sea
How would fish caught in the spawning season taste if all nutrients go to the eggs?
Most pollack brought into Korea are caught in the Sea of Okhotsk, approved for the fishing of pollack roe.
On the other hand, pollack fishing in the Bering Sea is permitted only during the non-spawning season.
This is why pollack caught in the Bering Sea are richer in proteins and essential fatty acids, fleshier, and more delicious.

The more you know, the tastier it is!
Pollack products by Daegwallyeong Nunmaeul Hwangtae are made by repeatedly freezing and thawing the fish for at least three months. The products, dried to a yellowish color, are tasty and nutritious with soft, flaky flesh.

About Daegwallyeong Nunmaeul Hwangtae
We dry pollack in Daegwallyeong, the birthplace of dried pollack, and sell them at affordable prices through direct transactions. Daegwallyeong’s dried pollack, which are frozen in cold winter nights and thawed by sun and wind in daytime for about four months, are known for their soft flesh and tasty-looking yellowish skin. Because they are dried naturally in the snow, their flesh is soft with no fishy smell.