Dried Pollack Fillet(Hwangtae-po)

Dried Pollack(half-divided) – used for grilled and steamed dish, and stew.

When Pollack is dried, the dried Pollack becomes high-protein and low-fat healthy food which has double amount of protein, 56% of protein content and 2% of fat contents. Dried Pollack has a few cholesterols, but a lot of nutrients, so it promotes metabolism of each organism, protects tired liver and clears the head. It also has rich amino acid such as methionine which is effective to protect all sorts of disease from eating toxic materials in modern times.

Product : Dried Pollack(press in half) (Large)
Quantity : 10ea
Size : Length 39cm and less or 60g and more
Country of Origin : Russia (Dried naturally in Korea)
Material & Content : Pollack 100%